Fieldworkfail Book

Fieldwork Fails are stories of failures shared by scientists working on the field!

  • I illustrated some of these stories and I’m now working on a illustrated book collecting them!
  • If you want to discover the project, the page of the Kickstarter is still there for presenting the book (even if you can’t participate anymore)
  • But you can still pre-order the book here until it gets printed!



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I wish you all a year 2017 full of fun discoveries, amazing observations and beautiful moments.


Old black caïman


For once, I was there! It was in Cocha Cashu, last month.

After hitting the caïman, Orlando ran back to the station. And we all went to the trail to see the caïman. He was still there. A giant, old, black caïman.


Cocha Cashu

Live from the rainforest

Hi everyone! Some news from Cocha Cashu biological station, in the magnificent rainforest of Amazonia, Peru. I was invited here by Roxana Arauco, manager of the station, after she heard about the project of my fieldwork fail illustrations.

I still continue to work on the book while here. The days are long here (I wake up with the sun and the howler monkeys at 5am) so I usually draw and/or walk the morning and advance on the fieldwork fail book during the afternoon.



Book update: Foundations

Some news about the book!

First of all, sorry for the lack of news these last weeks. I had no idea what I could show you as the areas in which I advanced were not so much visual ones.

Still I hope to give you a little insight. I’ll try to improve my communication the next weeks 🙂 (more…)

Book funded!!



We made it with 1199 backers and 32 699 € pledged!!!


Thank a lot for all your support, energy, ideas and feedback, for helped me by spreading the word about this book, among many other things! (more…)

A Fieldwork Fail animated!!


We exploded the 1000 backers milestone!!!

Wow!!! Since yesterday, it’s raining backers, so not only we reached four digit but with 1050 we’re getting closer as well to the 1080 final stretch goal!!

To thank you properly for all your support, I promised a surprise for the 1000 milestone (beyond the spanish version now available!). Here it is.

My very talented friend Geoffroy Moneyron, animator and storyboard artist, had the great idea to animate one of the fieldwork fails. He chose the story of Aditya Gangadharan and made an amazing work transforming the illustration into an animated short!

(sorry, no sound for now… I hope to make a version with sound later!)

If you’re interested by Geoffroy’s work, please follow his tumblr!

Thanks all of you for helping to reach this great step!!!


rhino fieldworkfail

(update June 28th)