They arrived!

I love books, but I don’t think I ever had so many books at home. A bit less than two tons. I could build a fort made of books!

Unpacking : good news, the printing is great. Our Belgium friends did a great job!


I also received the prints. No concerns neither.

After testing 6 or 7 different envelopes looking for the best weight / price / resistance, I bought something like 1000 reinforced padded envelopes. If you think that’s a lot of envelopes, you need to know I still wait a few hundreds more 🙂


The end of the “shipping cost” suspense : I was able to deal decent international shipping costs. Whew! Shipping costs, with printing, were my main concern! Luckily the fact I send a lot of packages allow me to get attractive postal fees. That’s a big problem solved.

With this special fees, there are a few minor inconveniences though – I hope it won’t bother you too much:

  • Books will be all sent independently, in separated envelopes. The Post office asked parcels of the same size/weight to benefit this special fees so it’s not possible to send multiple books in one parcel.
  • Sorry, tracking won’t be possible! I’m going to repay your €5 to all those who took the « tracked shipping » option in the survey, I’m so sorry for having it recommended! Anyway, if there were any concern with your book, like parcel damaged or lost, I would send you another one.

Also the little booklet with sketches and illustration process is not finished yet. To avoid to delay all the shipping process, I’ll send it later, separately.


I’m not alone, all my family offered their precious help for the logistics, whether for carrying books, Excel manipulations to create labels, placing the labels on envelopes (or just taking photos)!

(if you wonder, I’m the second from the right)

I’ve signed and numbered 950 illustrations prints. One thing out of the way! And an appetizer before the 1200 books I’ll sign this week 🙂

That’s all for now!

Here is a recap of important information for busy people:

  • I received the books \o/ 
  • Books will be all sent in 7-10 days! 
  • Due to some postal constraints, books will be sent in separated envelopes (eg. for two books you’ll receive two envelopes) 
  • The booklet will be sent afterwards 
  • I’m closing the surveys. From now, if you want another copy or else, you can go to thepre-order page 
  • People who recently changed their address or never gave it (see names above), please hurry up to update your informations!

Huge thanks everyone!