Thanks a lot!!

Reaching 500 backers was an important step.

500 copies was the minimum number of books I was planning to print. Now we can see further!

Improving the print quality

This first stretch goal was about improving print quality of the book.

I’ll print with an offset printer. The same type of printer which prints the books you find on book stores. Printing a book in offset is very costly at the beginning, and after a few hundreds of copies, the price goes down.

Because I’m more comfortable now with printing costs, I have the possibility to improve the quality of the book, like better paper or selective varnish on the cover!

  • selective varnish is the shiny, reflective part you see on some books matte cover.
  • about the paper, the printer will send me samples of different papers so I could chose one.

I love beautiful books as much as you do so I’d like to have the better quality possible 🙂

Next stretch goal is in range

The Fieldwork Fail book has been featured as the “Project of the Day” today!

It’s a great honor, and it also introduced the project to new people. We are now already very close to reach the second stretch goal, a goal you should love : More Fieldwork Fails!

More pages, more illustrations in the book!!!
So just keep going and we should make it very soon!!