Final week!

The Kickstarter campaign for the Fieldworkfail Book is coming to his final week!!

I couldn’t be more pleased with the evolution of the campaign. I received a lot of help and support, a lot of people are very motivated to make this project happen!

We just passed the fourth stretch goal this morning. That’s great!! It adds again 2 pages to the book 🙂

Ends of campaign are often intense, so I think there is still possibility for two or three stretch goals next week! Who knows?

Do you want to play a game? Give in the comments – before tomorrow same time – an estimate of the final number of backers, I’ll give to the closest guess a free giclee print!!

My personal try is 1250 backers. We are still far, but a lot of things can happen before the end of the week…

I’d be curious to read yours!!