What is Fieldwork Fail ?

Fieldwork Fails are fun stories from fieldwork scientists. Here is a page presenting FieldworkFail with some illustrations.

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crocodile laugh fisherman

Who am I ?

I’m Jim Jourdane, illustrator living in France. When I heard about the concept of FieldworkFail I was so interested I thought I could illustrate some of these stories!

I’m a freelance illustrator and worked several years in the animation industry as animator and storyboard artist.
My website : jimjourdane.com
My facebook page : Jim Jourdane


Why illustrating Fieldwork Fails ?

I have no background in science. But always been interested and I especially love the communication of science using art or comics. I started this blog on a whim, without thinking about was I would do with it. I continued it because of the very positive feedback I kindly received from many scientists and readers all over the world!


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For any question, compliment, insult or suggestion, please feel free to leave a message! I answer to all messages and I’m always looking for feedback.

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