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#FieldworkFail are stories shared by scientists working in the field about their everyday failures : getting glued to a crocodile, accidentally swallowing a fossil or having equipment stolen by monkeys to name a few (more info about Fieldworkfail). Scientists from all around the world have shared dozens of these stories, and I have begun illustrating them in this blog!

fieldworkfail monkey connexion

Let’s bring all these stories and illustrations together in a form of a beautiful book !



FieldworkFail started like an almost private joke between scientists working in the field.
However, it quickly became a source of entertainment and fascination for non-scientists around the world (e.g. here, here, or here). While these stories are obviously funny, they also clearly resonate with the non-scientist public by showing them just how challenging (and interesting) a career in science can be.

Illustrating these stories and bringing them together in a book can showcase the science in a different way.

What would the book look like?
A little bit like this:

book fieldworkfail

You’d have the illustration of the #fieldworkfail, and then cool facts about that scientists research – including where and how their #fieldworkfail happened. Fieldworkfail is great as a joke, but even more interesting if it can be used to learn something about fieldwork, nature or science 🙂



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