Books have been shipped!!!

You should probably receive them in the next days/weeks.

These last days have been pretty intense. Logistic takes a lot of time!


You may ship a few dozens of packages without real organization, but for 1300 books you’d better be accurate because anything multiplied by 1300 can take days!! So we (myself and my family) spent some time to prepare an efficient organization. A few days spent, but a good investment, our system turned out to be effective enough. A label for each envelope, an information tab for each book, and a document to rule them all!

Book signing

Signing all books took a while, but not much more than what I was expecting. It was an opportunity to discover who was behind all these books! (Also, some of your comments for the book signing were very fun to read). I made some stamps to brighten up the signatures.


On the other side, the packaging has been very time-consuming. We tried our best to protect the corners of the book, with cardboard corners (but if by any chance the envelope is mishandled and the book arrives damaged, please contact me!). I had printed a lot of different prints and extras, maybe too many to manage them quickly (note for next time: simplify extras!).

We had enough boxes to fill a little room up to the ceiling. But phew, everything has been sent yesterday!


70 boxes… Of course we had to rent a moving truck…

…and go not in the post office, but directly to the postal sorting center…

…where we started to filled seven big transport trolleys.
“What? We have to sort all envelopes by continent?” Luckily, a postal employee helped us for this final task. In the rush, do not confuse Australia and Austria!

Now all packages are in the big postal center of Paris. I hope like you that everything will arrive fast enough! (note: envelopes for France are sent separately, I will ship them at the end of the week)

What I’ll do next

– The booklet
I sent only books, cards, and prints. The booklet will be shipped later (I didn’t want to delay the whole shipping). I’ll also add the watercolors and sketches for those who had in their sets.

– Communication
This crowdfunding allowed to bring this book to life, but I hope the book will continue to live after this big delivery. I printed more copies than what I sent, my challenge during the next months will be also to deal with the rest!

I hope the packages will arrive fast enough and you’ll enjoy the book!

Now please, postal employees of all countries, treat all these little packages with care and velocity, so they can arrive safely and quickly to their destination!

Thanks again!!!