Some news about the book !

– Illustration

Almost all pages have been finished this month. Here is the flatplan (in French we call that « chemin de fer », railroad), that’s the view of all the pages of the book.

I was aiming to finish all illustrations last week, but I need to admit I still have some pages to finish, sorry! If you feel impatient, these are exactly my feelings too… I didn’t expect this book would require so much time!

– Translation and edits 

The edits are finished in French and English. The Spanish translation is almost complete. We are starting a second round of edits for all 3 versions.

Finding a title for French and Spanish was not easy to do, as « Fieldwork Fail » is impossible to translate literally, it just sounds bad in both Spanish and French. Thanks Marta for finding the Spanish title!

– Cover

I had designed a temporary cover for the Kickstarter, but it didn’t stand out enough. So I made a new cover. Here are some researches, and the cover.

I abandoned the idea of having the scientist surrounded by crocodiles, because what is interesting in these stories is also the fact these are everyday failures, something that could happen to anyone. So I drawn a scientists whose stuff is stolen by a monkey. I hope you’ll like it!

– Survey

I prepared a survey. Those who backed the project on Kickstarter will receive soon an email from CrowdOx. Please answer it ! That’s not a spam or some phishing, that’s the survey manager I’ll use (like BackerKit if you know it). I chose Crowdox because it was the simplest option I found, for me and for you.

You will be able to make everything you want, including :

  • choosing the options and the language of the book
  • updating your address
  • changing the pledge
  • adding options or extra copies

About extra copies : The price for any extra copy will be only 17€, shipping costs included. I do that because the shipping costs are lower per book when you ship 2 books than a single book.

I will also add the option “tracked shipping”, especially useful for shipping outside Europe. You will likely receive the survey in the middle of the week.

Final stretch!

  • Sending the survey
  • Finishing the illustrations
  • Another final round of edits for all three languages
  • Exporting and sending the files to the printer
  • Sending the ebook
  • Proofing (physical & contractual printing test)
  • !!!!! Launching the print of the book !!!!!
  • Starting to make the rewards (including the “behind the scenes” booklet)

See you very soon for the survey! And again, thanks a lot for your support and your patience…