We now enter in the 10 last days of the campaign!!!

In this update: Stretch goal unlocked, spanish version, blogs coverage and F.A.Q!

Stretch Goal unlocked!

Again, thanks to you, a new stretch goal has been unlocked!

3 fieldwork fail postcards for each pledge of 30€ and above… to write to your friends about your own fieldwork adventures. Or just give news to your grand-mother. Or anything else. You’ll know better 🙂

The illustrations of the postcard are not chosen yet. I could make a vote later to let you decide, but for now it’s too soon, as I need to finish all Fieldwork Fail illustrations first!

New stretch goals!!

Direct consequence: I added 3 more stretch goals.

2 extra Fieldwork Fails!!
Nothing fancy, but I know you like them 🙂

Spanish version
I received the help of a professional Spanish translator to make a castillan edition of the book!

For me Fieldwork Fail has an international aspect, so I’m happy to open up the possibility of Spanish and French versions of the book, if of course the corresponding stretch goals are reached.

I have to make it clear though that the English version is still my priority. The Spanish and French editions, in the case the stretch goals would be reached, will be finished and shipped after the English one.

Lot of press!!

Since the last update, a lot of blogs had the bright idea to write about the book project!

Great coverage!!!


Since I started the campaign, I regularly receive some questions and try to respond to them, as best I can, in the F.A.Q. But I know that few people go back to the bottom of the Kickstarter page to read them, so here they are:

Can I add another book to the “X” reward?

Yes! You can add an extra book to all reward ≥ 30€.
Just select the reward and add an extra 20€ to it!

example1 : select the “social set” and add it 20€ to have 3 books instead of 2, for a total of 75€
example2 : select the “art-lover set” and add it 20€ to have 2 books and a giclee, for a total of 50€

Will all books be signed, as the book of the €23 reward?

Yes, all books will be signed!

Will all giclee prints be numbered and signed as the one in the art-lover set?

Yes, all giclee prints will be numbered and signed!

For what age group is this book suited ?

My aim is to make this book interesting to everyone.
Every adult who likes humour and science should definitively enjoy it 🙂 Children could read it starting from age 7-8. If you’re not sure, please look at the illustrations and pages available.

Will this be going through a proofreading stage?

Yes. I don’t want to let any mistakes, so I will go through proofreading to correct anything that needs to be corrected. I’m not a native english speaker, but the last thing I want is to have a book poorly written, so the text will be checked and double-checked by a professional editor.

I am a retailer / school teacher and I want to buy a large number of book, is it possible ?

Of course! Send me an email or message to discuss it.

Where do you find these stories? I have a good one, do you want it?

You can read dozens of fieldwork fail stories in Twitter with the hashtag #fieldworkfail! If you have a story, tweet it, or if you don’t have Twitter, please write it in fieldworkfail.com/submit! (But I can’t illustrate all of your stories, there are too many!)

Have you’ve checked the prices for international shipping? / How did you manage to do free shipping with such reasonable pricing?

Yes, I have checked international shipping. With all possible options, from several countries and to all countries. I’ve arranged to have my packages under 500g and all rewards on a compact size (no posters, for eg.) to keep the costs as low as possible.
I admit though I won’t earn a lot on the 23€ rewards because the shipping costs… The 30€ rewards and above are more comfortable for me. I wanted to have the basic set as affordable as possible.

That’s all for now! But of course, you can still help me and the other backers by asking new questions!

Hey, Have you noticed?

Usually a Kickstarter campaign is losing momentum in the middle of the campaign, but thanks to you, we cross the threshold brilliantly!!! Now we enter the last third of the campaign, and this part is rarely boring 🙂