Hey everyone ! I hope everything is fine for you!

On the model of last month, here are some news about the book with some explanations about how I work. With more colors this time!


It was the focus of the month ! (as it will be next month)

book illustrations

I currently work mostly on the right-hand pages, which contain testimonies of the scientists.

How I work

1) I cut the text in blocks, leaving space between them, and I draw a few sketches in this empty space

2) I set up a color palette, from the left-page illustration colors

I make this palette to have graphic consistency on the double page. I have a custom palette system to manage colors.

3) From this palette, I make a color key. A color key is a very simple version of the illustration, that gives general ambiance and colors. It’s much easier to modify the colors of a color key than a more advanced illustration.

Sometimes I also refine my rough a little bit.

4) I start to draw the illustration in silhouette. As an animator I’m used to think in “silhouette”. If the silhouette is not easy to read, the final illustration won’t be neither.

5) Then I finish, using the colors of my color key.

Also done this month

  • Jessica (english editor) continues to edit the pages (and will likely finish this week!)
  • I asked to a friend, Ninon, to edit the French version. Ninon is a skilled professional editor who wields the language with unique mastery 🙂
  • And Marta, who is spanish, will start soon the spanish translation.
  • I started to work on the french cover. English cover will also change from the Kickstarter cover.
  • I presented a few pages to french distributors. And they loved the project!
  • Finishing all illustrations
  • Finishing the translations and edits for all languages
  • Sending you a survey asking you options, shipping addresses, among other things.

See you soon !


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