We exploded the 1000 backers milestone!!!

Wow!!! Since yesterday, it’s raining backers, so not only we reached four digit but with 1050 we’re getting closer as well to the 1080 final stretch goal!!

To thank you properly for all your support, I promised a surprise for the 1000 milestone (beyond the spanish version now available!). Here it is.

My very talented friend Geoffroy Moneyron, animator and storyboard artist, had the great idea to animate one of the fieldwork fails. He chose the story of Aditya Gangadharan and made an amazing work transforming the illustration into an animated short!

(sorry, no sound for now… I hope to make a version with sound later!)

If you’re interested by Geoffroy’s work, please follow his tumblr!

Thanks all of you for helping to reach this great step!!!