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Yesterday a friend asked me to tell more about the last reward, the « watercolor painted in Amazon rainforest ».
Good idea. Let me tell you the little story behind this reward (and also about a new one coming).

Cocha Cashu

It was a few months ago. I already had this blog, illustrating fieldwork fails (but not yet the project of making a book).

And then I received a message from a Peruvian scientist, Roxana. She was working in a biological station in Amazon rainforest, Southeast Peru, in one of the most preserved natural places in the world.

In Cocha Cashu, the name of the field station, researchers and scientists conduct studies in the site, on like primates, birds, jaguars, and forest composition.


Dano Grayson – SDZG

Roxana kindly invited me to come to Cocha Cashu, as a cooperation between scientists and artists! I would be honored to participate to the communication of the biological station and visit such a place, so of course I accepted!

It’s a place quite cut off from the rest of the world, there is only boats once every 2 weeks and it takes several days to go there. I would stay a whole month there, sketching and observing the scientists who themselves observe animals 😉

I plan to go to the biological station in October/November and I hope I could post a lot of sketches and illustrations in the fieldworkfail blog. I’d like to draw the rainforest and capture the life in Cocha Cashu. There is also the possibility for me to illustrate some live fieldwork fails while there. These may be things that interest all of you 🙂

The watercolor proposed in the reward would be one of the watercolors I plan to paint during this month of Cosha Cashu fieldwork.

As a sample of these watercolors might look like, here are some watercolors I did on the other side of the Amazon rainforest, in French Guyana.

watercolor rainforest

New reward

Because I plan to sketch a lot at Cocha Cashu, I’m also creating a new reward : « Deluxe Set + Sketch ».

These are examples of sketches I draw with pen and ink.

croquis guyane
(here again in French Guyana)

I plan to allow Cocha Cashu to use copies of the drawings I create for education and communication purposes. Originals though will be available in the rewards for the FieldworkFail Kickstarter project. 🙂

Cosha Cachu’s mission is to contribute to the knowledge and conservation of tropical biological diversity.


Ken Bohn – Cocha Cashu SDZG

If you are interested in what they do, please follow their Facebook page or look at their website!

Almost there!

Thanks for reading this update and being part of our journey so far!!

We are now VERY close to be fully funded. Maybe tomorrow, or even tonight if we’re very lucky!! Thank you for so much support!