Fieldwork Fails have started to be shared on Twitter, but more and more frequently, someone contact me to share his/her story.

So I invite you to share your own story here, if you have one, in the comments!


Fieldwork Fails you shared:

Put a huge Weddell seal to sleep with anesthetic. He bites my butt, ripping the 5 layers of clothes I wore. #fieldworkfail Leo Soibelzon
Try to count cygnets. Get attacked by swans and go to the doctor’s office for a tetanus shot. #fieldworkfail Nessa Fitzgerald
I think it could be better to stay concise, like the stories shared in Twitter who are around 20 words.

  • Shorter, the story is funnier and has more impact!
  • It’s easier to read
  • Dozens of fieldworkfails prove you don’t need a page of text to tell a great story!

This page is for those who don’t have Twitter. If you wrote a good fieldworkfail on Twitter, just RT it me to @fieldworkfails!